Silver Lake Massage Therapy Madison, NH - Massage Treatments Include: Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Swedish, Therapeutic, Reiki, Myofascia Release.
Also Offering Yoga, Spa Treatments, Salt Scrubs, Seaweed Wraps, Exfoliation
Silver Lake Massage Therapy Madison, NH To Promote Wellness Balance & Relaxation
Silver Lake Massage Therapy • 1527 Village Rd. Route 113 • PO Box 180 • Sliver Lake, NH 03875• 603-387-6496 • E-Mail




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What To Expect


More than just a great rub, affecting the health and well-being of the client.


A massage affects not just the muscular system: as nerves travel through muscles we are also working the nervous system. The circulatory system is stimulated, hence the cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems are also.

You will be asked to complete a medical history form and discuss with your therapist areas of concern and other pertinent topics.

You'll be asked to undress in private and drape yourself with a sheet provided by the therapist. Your modesty is respected at all times.

Plese call us with any additional question.



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