Silver Lake Massage Therapy Madison, NH - Massage Treatments Include: Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Swedish, Therapeutic, Reiki, Myofascia Release.
Also Offering Yoga, Spa Treatments, Salt Scrubs, Seaweed Wraps, Exfoliation
Silver Lake Massage Therapy Madison, NH To Promote Wellness Balance & Relaxation
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The therapist idividualizes each treatment towards the clients specific concern/needs at the time of service.

  • Swedish Massage - The base of most massage techniques, long flowing strokes

  • Deep Tissue Massage - a full massage to include deeper pressure to work on problem areas

  • Pregnancy Massage - working with the expectant woman to bring comfort, relief, balance

  • Massage for Cancer Patients - working with patients dealing with struggles of cancer treatments, patients in remission, caregivers, and family members

  • Reiki - energy balancing work, light hand positions, not strokes

  • M A T - Muscle Activation Techniques is a non invasive, non drug, non equipment, hands on systematic approach that allows us to truly realize and utilize the bene?ts that a healthy muscle system can provide for our overall health.  Muscles are what move our bodies, stabilize joints, and handle forces incurred during bouts of exercise and daily activities.  Our muscular health is vital to our human health and it might be best to maximize and maintain our muscular systems. MAT is about moving better and if you can move better, chances are, you will feel and live better.  An initial consultation is always FREE and any questions that you may have about MAT will gladly be answered. To ?nd out if it is right for you.
    Please call David @ (970) 391-9259.

  • Thai Head and Shoulder Massage

  • Thai Reflexology Foot Massage


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